Burundi, Gatara Butagana
Burundi, Gatara ButaganaBurundi, Gatara Butagana


We've been roasting coffee from Burundi since 2005 when local missionaries were bringing it back in suitcases. Michigan State University began a project to rebuild their washing stations which are almost exclusively run by women after the genocide. The coffee has come a long way as producers have learned best practices and begun fetching specialty prices for what was once a commodity crop. Coffees continue to shine, with sparkling acidity and regal balance rivaling the best Kenyas and Rwandas.

The Butegana Central Washing Station is located in the Kayanza commune in northern Burundi. It handles crops from approximately 3,600 registered growers. Each producer harvests from an average of 300 trees. It is on the border with Rwanda.

Kayanza is one of the most reputable growing regions of Burundi. Soils are rich and volcanic, while the growing conditions are optimal year round.


Region: Kayanza

Producer: Kigobe (Kalico Coop)

Cultivar: Bourbon

Altitude: 1612 Meters 

Process: Washed

Taste: Floral aroma, orangey acidity, complex fruit notes

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