While supplies last, we are offering our customers the opportunity to experience the most storied coffee in the world--the Gesha Varietal, a $25 value, for FREE.

 Seeds from the scraggly, tall, difficult to harvest Ethiopian "wild coffee tree" were brought to Central America in the 50's. One Panama Farm, Hacienda Esmerelda decided to plant a grove and treat it like specialty coffee. 

In 2004 an internationally renowned panel of jurors were struck with the flavors of an Ethiopian coffee on the cupping table. It didn't just posses the qualities of a traditional, fruit forward Ethiopian natural (dried with the fruit on), but it transcended description, eventually earning a perfect 100 points in a Cup of Excellence competition. Lots of this coffee have sold for over $100 per pound--the first coffee ever to score 100 points and sell for over $100 per pound. Today, many small farms are getting into the action. 

We acquired a small lot to play with and have marveled at its silky mouthfeel and intense yet soft, almost delicate flavor notes and perfect balance. It displays a myriad of complex flavors all melded into a singularly profound coffee experience. 

We are offing this coffee to you as a way to say "Thank You," for supporting us in our shops and online. Simply purchase a $100 gift card on our website and a bag of this perfect coffee will be shipped to you at your home. Then take your gift card into our shops and use it for whatever you wish. Enjoy. 

Read more about the rise of Gesha in this recent BBC Article.