About Rowster Coffee

What's in a Name?

 “Rowster” was named after Grand Rapids and all its beauty. Whether it is rowing down the Rogue River, or fishing at the Sixth Street Dam, our city revolves around the waters that run through it.Rowster moved away from kayaks and canoes to coffees about a decade ago. It began as a one-man operation in the back of a local gallery. High standards were present even in our humble beginnings. Sourcing only the best coffee beans from across the globe ensured the ability to create the highest quality specialty coffee in Grand Rapids.Each bean contains the flavors of the environment from which it came. Ethiopian coffees hold in them a berry-like sweetness, while Brazilian beans contain a spicy nuttiness. Our roasters lend their expert craftsmanship to the roasting process, allowing our specialty coffee to tell the story of the beans that created it. 

Where We Are

Rowster Coffee is roasted in small batches in Grand Rapids at our facility on Stevens St. Our focus is delivering the highest quality of brew, every time. Customers are welcome to sign up for a tour of our humble roastery and learn about the roasting process! From there, our beans are distributed to our café on Wealthy St and to many of our Michigan partners - cafés, restaurants and grocery stores. Our Wealthy St Café, which opened in East Town in 2010, has become a favorite watering hole for locals and a hotspot for regional artists of all kinds to display their talents.

Where We're Going

Rowster Coffee can also be found in many Michigan restaurants and grocery stores, but we would like to support more of our Michigan family! Look us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get to know us better, or contact us at info@rowstercoffee.com if you have questions. We look forward to getting to know you!