Peru El Milagro

Peru, Colombia's neighbor to the South has a fascinating history and culture. A melting pot of Europeean, American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, African and Asian populations mixed with Andean Coastal people and Incans. The home of Machu Pichu and home to Llamas and the guinea pigs, which are considered a delicacy and often served barbecued in the marketplace. Peru is also known as the birthplace of the potato. 

Coffee from Peru often shares many characteristics with its neighbor, Colombia to the North. Colombian coffee has a long history of constant improvement and investment by local, state and national government as well as many entrepreneur farmers who have developed complex and intricate practices to produce the very best possible coffees for consumption around the world, promoted by the fictional, Juan Valdez. Peru, much less centrally organized and lacking the infrastructure to produce exceptional coffees regularly, has hit-or-miss crops which either blow you away or leave you wanting more. 

Our new Peru from the smallest Cooperatives in the world, producing just 20 lots in 2019, is called El Milagro. El Milagro is so isolated from transportation infrastructure that they still use a manual hanging cable cart to cross the river Rio Chinchipe to bring the coffee to market. Profits are being reinvested and a bridge is being built and the coffees continue to improve. 

We're excited to share this lot with you, which exudes a rich, dark chocolate flavor profile and refreshingly flavorful chocolatey aftertaste. This Peru is not your uber-clean specialty Kenyan or  Colombian. It has some dusty, earthy minerally notes to it. But is delicious nonetheless. 

El Milagro means "Miracle, Surprise," and we agree this is a surprisingly delicious crop that we are excited to offer. We have a very limited supply so don't wait to get yours before it is gone.